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G-BBDG was the third Concorde built in Britain and this country's first production Concorde. First flown in February 1974, 'Delta Golf', as she is known, carried out a large part of the certification work that saw Concorde flying in commercial service between 1976 and 2003. Delta Golf was the fastest production Concorde and in 1974 she became the first aircraft ever to carry 100 people at twice the speed of sound - 1,350mph.

Take the Brooklands Concorde Experience and see inside one of the world's most famous aircraft. Relive the excitement of the supersonic age on the only Concorde accessible in South East England. The 35 minute visit on board Concorde includes an exhibition in the rear cabin about how the aircraft was built and its connection with Brooklands. After passing through a display of Concorde interiors through the decades, take your seat in the front cabin for a virtual flight, piloted by Captain Mike Bannister. The flight deck may be photographed before you leave the aircraft.

We now also offer our Concorde Champagne Experiences, which include a Welcome Cocktail Reception, an extended 'flight' on Concorde with a glass of Champagne and a visit to the flight deck with a Concorde Captain, followed by a Captain's Lunch or Dinner and a talk and presentation by him.


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Did You Know?...

The Concorde, Delta Golf, had flown for 1,282 hours over 633 flights before retiring in 2003. British Airways offered ‘DG' to Brooklands Museum where she was fully restored, complete with a unique on-board exhibition, and officially opened to visitors on 26th July 2006.

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